This is a night at the Bresh, the most beautiful party in the world

Bresh has been in existence since 2016, but the last two years the growth it has experienced was as meteoric as it has been organic. This week the jump he hit reached Las Vegas, in the middle of the Latin Grammy after party. Quiet. “The most beautiful party in the world” can almost be understood as a phenomenon that accompanies the boom of Argentine urban music at a global level. It is the point at which artists, streamers, content creators and influencers converge. For the older school, we could say that his role resembles that of La Perla in the national rock in the late ’60s. Lit Killah commented in an interview that it was during an edition of this party that he proposed the idea of “Los de la casa”, where today he lives with FMK, Rusherking and Tiago PZK, and from where hits from millions of reproductions have come out. That’s where the whole scene builds the union that is transmitted outward. And also where the audience, who benches that scene, is part of the same environment. Where, according to his own words, you breathe freedom and no one judges you.
From the return of full capacity to the venues, the BRESH hosts 5,000 people per edition at the Hippodrome of Palermo. Contrary to what used to happen in the bowling alleys, it begins to fill up early and by 3 o’t the grounds are complete. As usual, the tickets have been sold out for a couple of days. The climate is ideal: about 24°C + vientito = 10/10. In addition to the characteristic glitter, many wear crowns, tutus and even wedding dresses. Drinks, temporary tattoos, makeup and even a spot to take selfies with a ring of light make the property more than just a giant track. The VIP now moved to the stage, there behind the DJs, and every so often some personality, such as the MC and singer Sony or the streamer Markito Navaja, appear to dance and greet the audience. Bartenders in the same space say that more gin and tonic comes out than birra, and that approximately, they serve about 1,000 drinks per night.
“Why do you choose to come to the Bresh?” is the watchword of Filo.News for the public. “For the music, for the good vibes of the people, to fill us with glitter and because it is the party of the moment” are some of the answers. The phrases reflect what the attendees feel when passing through the windlasses of the Hippodrome. They feel part of that cultural, young and collective phenomenon to which today the BRESH frames it. 

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