Undersecretary Pavez for raiding the Gope to Commons: “They are not actions that are coordinated from the government”

The deputy secretary general of the Presidency, Máximo Pavez, said that the efforts to carry out the raid carried out by the Gope to the headquarters of the Comunes party – regarding the case of the millionaire ballots in the campaign for the Governorship of Karina Oliva – “are not actions that are coordinated from the government.”
In conversation with 24 Horas, Pavez said that “we have to understand that the Public Ministry has the legal power to be able to arrange the collaboration of the police, therefore, these are not actions that are coordinated by the government. I, personally, do not know if the Ministry of the Interior had information regarding this or other investigations, but here the important thing is that the Public Ministry has the constitutional autonomy to be able to investigate.”
On the way in which the raid was carried out, breaking locks and entering with shields and weapons, he said that “we are in the presence of an open investigation regarding alleged electoral fraud in the field of the surrender of campaign expenses, and the Public Ministry, ex officio, that is, with the sole will and the known antecedents, opened an investigation. In our country, the Prosecutor’s Office has the constitutional mission of directing the criminal investigation, and therefore, having the police so that this is the case and the purposes of the procedure can be fulfilled.”
“We as a government believe that we have to respect the autonomy of the Public Ministry. If it is believed that there is a procedure that they did not do in accordance with the law, they will have to discuss it with the law enforcement agencies that collaborate with the investigation,” he added.
Regarding the offices that parliamentarians could send to the Executive to confirm that the Ministry of the Interior was not aware of this operation, Pavez said that “you can assist both the Investigation Police and the Carabineros, and in that area obviously we will answer all the questions of any parliamentarian, within the scope of their supervisory powers that they want to make to the government. There we will answer what needs to be answered.”

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