RN initiated talks with Kast and hopes to “convene” the People’s Party through “a confederation”

The president of National Renewal, Francisco Chahuán, referred to the position of the party in the face of the victory of José Antonio Kast in yesterday’s elections where he obtained a first majority and achieved his passage to the second round. We are going to generate a confederation of parties and movements that are capable of strongly defending freedom and democracy,” he said. In that line, the helmsman of RN is already making a series of agreements to carry out for the second round on December 19. Chahuán explained that he has already entered into talks with the Republican candidate and said that “I hope that there will be a great programmatic agreement to have a new government program of José Antonio Kast. That was a topic I discussed with him last night.” Kast agreed to our request to be able to convene all the parties of Chile Vamos, the study centers, the independent world and looking at the political center.” Asked if the above includes Evopoli and the UDI, the senator for Valparaíso said that this decision “should be seen by each party.” He also maintained that his idea “to erect a new collation that generates the programmatic agreements that allow us to give governability to Chile.” It requires a government program that respects the center-right and center well,” adding that “the people who vote for the PDG have a link with the world of freedom, with the world of democracy.” He also stated that “I place the PDG in the center and center-right. I hope to summon them, other forces, precisely to a federation of parties that gives governability to Chile”

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