Sinaloa Congress Calls for Transparency in Consultation on Fertilizer Plant

Sinaloa.- The Congress of the State of Sinaloa asked for transparency in the citizen consultation to be held next Sunday, November 28, on the permanence or definitive withdrawal of the fertilizer plant. Subsequently, the position of those who are for and against will be analyzed to reach an agreement. The president of the Ecology Commission of the State Congress, Giovanna Morachis Paperini said that environmentalists asked to be heard to have an opinion about the negatives they consider for the ammonia plant, and on the other hand, to review the benefits that this investment brings to the state. Both arguments were taken to the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) and later this issue will be addressed by the Plenary, to reach a decision. So far, in the 64th legislature there is no legislature, because the voices of all Sinaloans have to be heard; although he clarified that as a parliamentary group of the PAN a position has not been defined and the terms of the law will be awaited. They will only remain in expectation of the citizen consultation because it is organized by the federal level. Morachis Paperini commented that the comments of the environmentalists were recorded, that some said that it was a consultation in mode and that there were amparos. Read more: Trackers seek that the UN committee in Sinaloa knows the problem of forced disappearance “We want a consultation that is more transparent and after the consultation passes we will know if the indicated people were taken into account,” he added. The mayors of Morena are being tested

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