L-Ghent: They will make a documentary series about the life of the singer

Elián Valenzuela, popularly known as L-Ghent, has positioned himself in recent times as one of the most beloved musical artists by the public. This week, crowning his place of popularity, they announced that the singer will have his own documentary series. In principle the series will be called “L-Ghent, the series” and its production will be possible thanks to the script reached the final instances of the Renacer Audiovisual call, a contest held by the Government, in which 79 works from Argentina were selected. ” L-Ghent, the series” won in the documentary series category and will be made by the production company Kuarzo Entertainment Argentina S.A, headed by the producer Martín Kweller who also develops content for local and international signals as well as in social networks and online channels. Renacer Audiovisual was a contest launched by the Ministry of Culture and the Secretariat of Media and Public Communication, through Contenidos Públicos S.E and involved the investment of 2,400 million pesos. Its main objective is to stimulate and reactivate the audiovisual sector through the generation of quality content.

In addition to the series about the popular singer, the contest selected 78 other projects from all over the country with the aim of promoting, in addition to reactivating the sector, generating plural and federal content, promoting the position that Argentina has had as an exporting country of audiovisual services.

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