Minister Delgado and Boric’s statements for pardon: “It seems that he is just getting to know the victims, a little late”

The Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, addressed the statements made by the presidential candidate of Apruebo Dignidad, Gabriel Boric, about the pardon of prisoners of the revolt, noting that “from my point of view it is not acceptable to think of a pardon for all.” The Secretary of State said that “it seems good to me that they are approaching the victims once and for all and begin to understand the logic of the victims, not only in the southern macrozone, but of crime, the victims of looting. It would be important for the candidate to approach the victims at ground zero, in the vicinity of Plaza Baquedano to see what they have suffered.” We as a political sector have a long history of accompanying the victims, unlike the political sector that represents the candidate who seems to be just getting to know the victims, a little late, perhaps,” he added. In that line, he affirmed that “I believe that accompanying the victims must be a permanent attitude, understanding the externalities of violence, understanding the consequences of crime, also the origin, the link it often has with drug trafficking, the link it has with violence with the use of weapons.” So I think it is a good instance for both that political sector to accompany our Government and advance in bills that are blocked today and that would give better tools and better investigative techniques to our policies to be able to precisely attack what he is just knowing these days, which is the pain of the victims. ” Closed.

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