They deny alleged “unbridled” party of conventional in hotel of Concepción: “We had neither excesses nor problems with other guests”

The Pettra Hotel -located in Concepción- denied an alleged unbridled party of conventional. According to some media reports, in the enclosure, some members of the constituent body drank alcohol until late at night, tried to enter the pool and were even arrogant with local staff.
However, the same hotel denied that information. “The atmosphere was quite calm. We had neither excesses, nor problems with other guests who have complained, “they told the Sabes portal.
“We didn’t have any incidents. In fact, the pool was closed. Today is the first day that we are going to enable it, because we have it in maintenance. We were closed for more than a year and were remodeling,” they added.
Different conventions questioned the information disseminated. Constituent Pedro Muñoz, for example, indicated that “what I have witnessed is that we have worked from early in the morning until late at night,” reports La Tercera.
For her part, the conventional Loreto Vidal told the aforementioned media that “in the event that a particular situation had occurred, I can take for granted that it was never an organized party. That never existed, because I personally know several of the conventionals who were in that place. There was no party.”
“Probably, if so, (it is) an attitude of a conventional, and it is he who must respond to it,” he added.
Meanwhile, the vice president of the Constitutional Convention, Jaime Bassa, said that “we do not have more information. If these facts are true, there will be individual responsibilities to take on.”

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