Farmers ask to vote in favor of fertilizer plant

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Leaders of the peasant sector spoke in favor of the fertilizer plant and ask their members to vote yes in the citizen consultation that will be held this Sunday, November 28.” We come to say yes to the fertilizer plant, we come to say yes to GPO,” said Armando Gastélum Cota, an agricultural producer and social leader in the northern zone of Sinaloa. He called for people who come to vote to do so in a civilized manner. Read more: El Maviri beach restaurateurs support the construction of the fertilizer plant “We invite you not to fall into provocations, because mainly in our indigenous brothers there is a division, some are in favor and others against, but the majority of our indigenous brothers are in favor, and they will vote in favor of the yes.” Aristeo Verdugo, president of the Municipal Peasant Committee number 17 of the Carrizo Valley, commented that they do not see any against the fertilizer plant project.” Because everything that refers to the environment, this company brings the range that it is friendly to the environment. We occupy fertilizer to develop our activity, and today we are finding a tremendous increase in the rise of fertilizers, “he said. By the same tenor, Juan Luis Días Escobar, president of the Municipal Peasant Committee number five of Los Mochis, added that the simple fact that you have a fertilizer plant in the area will reduce by 30 percent of the costs of this product so necessary for planting. Read more: Locate where you can vote tomorrow Sunday for the YES or NO to the fertilizer plant “We give a yes to the construction of the plant from the entire sector we represent.” Entre gritos starts informative forum about the fertilizer plant in Topolobampo, Sinaloa

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