Daza chooses Kast and resigns from the government: “Where I can contribute most to the health of all Chileans, it is from his command”

“Today I have submitted the resignation to President Sebastián Piñera in order to continue working for the health of Chile and all Chileans.” Thus announced, in a video, his departure from the Executive, the now former Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, the latest addition to the command of José Antonio Kast.
During the morning he met with the candidate of the Christian Social Front, and according to those close to Kast’s command, after that meeting Daza preferred to resign to avoid any questioning, “despite the fact that the regulations authorize leave without pay” – which he had asked to join the command – but he had aroused harsh criticism that pointed to an electoral interventionism on the part of La Moneda.
In the video, Daza said that “where I can contribute most to the health of all Chileans, is from his command” and that Kast assured him that in his eventual government “we will work for a more just and equitable health system.”
“He has given me certainty that his government will continue the measures that we have implemented to control the pandemic and that have been successful,” Daza said, despite the fact that Kast was one of the critics of the measures that the Executive has taken, such as the mobility pass. And he added that “science will continue to predominate over ideologies.”
In his address Daza recalled that “it has been more than 600 days in which I have been dedicated to facing the pandemic. An extremely difficult period for a large majority of Chileans where you have witnessed that I gave my best to face the hardest health crisis in the last century.”

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