Measures for travelers and the use of a mask in the United Kingdom return after the arrival of the new variant of covid

Likewise, all people entering the UK will have to undergo a PCR test and contacts of new cases of the variant will have to self-isaly, even if they are fully vaccinated.
However, the prime minister said that this Christmas will be “considerably better” than that of 2020. The measures are “temporary and preventive,” he added.

Johnson announced the restrictions at a news conference after two cases of omicron were confirmed in the country. Authorities said both were linked to and related to travel to southern Africa.

The new variant was first reported in South Africa on Wednesday and early data suggest it has an increased risk of reinfection, even in vaccinated people.

“Our scientists are learning more hour after hour and it seems that omicron spreads very quickly and can be spread among people who are on a full vaccination schedule,” Johnson explained.

The prime minister acknowledged that “border measures can only minimize and delay the arrival of a new variant rather than stop it altogether,” so he urged citizens to help “in containing the spread within the country.”

In three weeks, when the effectiveness of the measures is reviewed, the government hopes to have better information on the “continued efficacy” of the vaccines.

Covid restrictions were tightened across the UK last year days before the Christmas holidays, amid a surge in cases.

Countries around the world are introducing travel bans and restrictions on those coming from southern African nations in an effort to contain the spread of the variant.

The government’s chief medical adviser, Professor Chris Whitty, said there is a “reasonable chance” that vaccines would be less effective against the new variant, but stressed that people who get vaccinated or receive the booster dose will be less likely to become seriously ill.

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