Productive sectors of Sinaloa will benefit in 2022

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- The Secretary of Welfare announced that there are programs aimed at the productive sectors such as “Production for Welfare”, which was previously called “Procampo” and “Welfare for Fishermen and Aquaculture” which was the “Bienpesca”, which indirectly benefit a large part of society, including the more than 40 thousand elderly people of scarce resources that are in the Évora Region and who have as priority needs to obtain a good food, clothing and medicines.  Daniel López Armenta, general director of the Secretariat of Welfare, said that the aforementioned programs will have, with the support of the State government and the Federal resource, an increase for next year. He commented that at the moment it is unknown what the amount will be allocated to them, however, work is being done on the budget.  He assured that they will be waiting for the rules of operation to start running these programs. He explained that this has been the strategy of the Federal Government and that so far there are all the conditions for the progress made in terms of Welfare programs for this coming year 2022 with the support and coordination of the municipal government and the State government. Read more: DIF extension Melchor Ocampo, Mocorito one step away from being a reality At stake the fate of the ammonia plant
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