Residents of Valle del Agua seek to prevent invasion in Culiacán

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Neighbors of the Valle del Agua subdivision located in the north-eastern sector of the city of Culiacán, complain that some individuals are invading land that is green areas and call on the municipal authorities to act quickly to prevent this dispossession of the community. The neighbors have been incorformed by the actions of these people who only seek to take advantage of a legal vacuum left by a construction company and are hoarding some lots, without justifying the property and who gave them permission to invade in that area. ” There was a talk with some people who supposedly sent a bank, we opposed it and they were going to respect; we have only the word of this lawyer but the truth is that we do not trust, I have many doubts. It can be said that they are exploited; as they know that the construction company did not deliver (documentation), these abusers are taking over things,” said Marcela Felix, a resident of Valle del Agua. Residents of Valle del Agua seek to prevent invasion in Culiacán | Ftoo: Debate He pointed out that the municipal president of Culiacán, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro must intervene, so that those lands that were destined as a recreational space for children and young people are respected. Read more: Kilometric rows of young people in the Military Barracks to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in CuliacánIndicated that the neighbors of said subdivision are not willing to allow these individuals to seize the land that does not belong to them. He has a degree in Communication Sciences, graduated from the Autonomous University of the West (UAdeO) Campus Culiacán. He began in journalism in the newspaper La Hora de Sinaloa, has also worked in the newspapers Noroeste and El Sol de Sinaloa, as well as in the sports program Desde la Banca that was broadcast on Grupo ACIR, radio and in the radio news program Linea Directa. Since 2002 he works in the newspaper EL DEBATE, starting in the printed sports section, he has also worked in the Mexico-World section. He is currently a reporter for the sports section on the digital portal of this journalistic company In EL DEBATE de Culiacán he has covered Torneos de los Barrios, World Championship Box fights, Mexican Pacific Baseball League, Culiacán International Marathon, political elections, among other international events. He obtained the second place in the interview genre in the Sports Journalism Award, awarded by the Municipal Sports Institute of Culiacán (Imdec). He also received Recognition from the Board of Trustees of the Culiacán International Marathon, in 2015, for turning 10 years covering the event. Email: See more

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