Shock in La Pampa for the crime of a 5-year-old boy: mother and girlfriend arrested

A couple of two women were charged with the crime of a five-year-old boy, the son of one of them, who died in a hospital in the city of Santa Rosa, La Pampa, after receiving a severe beating. The incident occurred this Friday, when the child, who was called Lucio Dupuy, was taken by neighbors to the Evita Hospital, where it was found that he had died and that he had signs of having received ill-treatment. After performing the autopsy on the victim’s body, it was found that he suffered “polytraumatisms” and that he presented evidence of previous injuries. The boy’s mother, Magdalena Espósito Valenti, 24, was charged with “homicide qualified by the link.” While her partner, Abigail Perez, 27, was detained on the grounds of “simple homicide.” Both will remain in prison for the duration of the judicial process. For his part, Christian Dupuy, the father of the murdered child, who resides in the city of General Pico, charged against the Justice for having favored the mother “always” in the dispute she had with him for the minor. Justice never listened to me, it always favored the mother for more lawyers and mediations that I did. Today my son paid, but not only listen to the mother, dad also suffers in silence,” he said in statements to the local newspaper La Arena.And concluded: “Today with a broken heart and my soul without finding comfort I tell you rest in peace my son, I will not rest until justice is done. I love you Lucio Abel Dupuy.” Verónica Ferrero, who is in charge of the Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes involving Family and Gender Violence, acts on behalf of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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