The rugged episode that Mica Tinelli lived: “My house was flooded”

Micaela Tinelli shared on social networks a moment of tension that she lived during the afternoon of this Saturday. As she told her Instagram stories “we were all very relaxed until…”, wrote the designer next to a photo of her puppy sitting in the armchair of the living room. Then he showed all the rooms of his apartment flooded and recounted in detail what happened: “My house began to flood,” he began while in the images she was seen drying the floors with rags and towels.

Although in the end she explains that the situation was solved, she was concerned about the state of the parquet floors of her home. “The only thing I’m suffering for right now is because of this floor. Yesterday we managed to dry everything, but I don’t know if this floor afterwards is not ruined,” Mica asked her followers. If anyone knows, let me know. Anyway, this floor is hydrolacqueado, I do not know if it is said like that. But I’m afraid he’ll start to get up. It’s the only thing I’m suffering for,” said the designer of the Ginegra brand.

“For those who ask me what happened, it is because water began to come out without the grid of the small bathroom, the guest bathroom. Non-stop, non-stop, non-stop… And you see that that, in turn, has some connection on the same side with the laundry grid. Then, water started coming out of both of them, non-stop,” he explained.

Then she said that a man from the building helped her solve the misstep: “Then the man came with a machine, he uncovered … I couldn’t unclog the one in the bathroom, I had to take out the toilet…! They don’t understand chaos! It is already resolved, but now my fear is this, the issue of floors and everything. I don’t know,” the young woman concluded.

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