Useful training on new forms of taxation for the agricultural sector

A course-training on “New Form of Taxation 2022 for the Agricultural Sector” was held at the facilities of AARFS A.C. For more information on the subject we invite you to contact our Administrative and Accounting Services area to determine the best tax strategies for your agribusiness.• We invite all members of AARFS A.C., agricultural community and citizens in general, to participate by voting in the citizen survey that will be carried out today, Sunday, November 28 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., to determine the construction of the Fertilizer Plant in Topolobampo. Within the municipality of Ahome the squares are located in the squares of each syndicate, while in the city of Los Mochis, the main squares are located in: Plazuela 27 de Septiembre, Jiquilpan Law, Autonomous University of the West, CETiS 68, Centennial Sports Unit, Santa Teresa Park, among others.  All those who have a valid voter credential will be able to vote, even with an expiration date of 2020. Yes to the economic development of Sinaloa!• In AARFS A.C. we have seed for sowing wheat of the varieties RSM-Norman F2008 and RSM-Glenn F2018, certified by SNICS, ensuring a quality product for the farmer. We also invite you to visit our parent hardware store and/or branches where you will find everything for your field: from agricultural hardware items to high-quality inputs such as liquid fertilizers, agrochemicals, granulated fertilizers and our line of organic fertilizers, among others. Call 668-812-4396 in our sales area.• Corn prices this week are consolidating at the same levels that have been seen in recent weeks, the market is very overbought with the news of new restrictions on flights by the new Covid-19 variant and make the price of oil fall, they can also cause ethanol production to fall and with it corn prices. The climate in Brazil remains favorable, it is estimated that the production could be 124 million t.m. If the good weather conditions are maintained, it is very likely that the first production will be achieved without setbacks and in the same way the planting of the safriña will begin without setbacks. In Argentina the conditions are good. Corn prices are expected to fall, but it should not be forgotten that high natural gas prices increase the cost of nitrogen fertilizers, so the drop could last a short time. The current price for the Sinaloa harvest of the next cycle, future July/22, without bases, is 234.63 dls/ton.• Wheat prices find support due to the low rating of good to excellent in US wheat before entering the dormancy stage, due to the rains that are recorded in Australia that could decrease the quality of wheat and by the logistical problems in Canada that reduce the supply of wheat in the port of Vancouver. The main market trend continues to be upward, the market is over-bought and vulnerable to position liquidation, but this will only be temporary as fundamentals continue to be bullish. The current price for the Sinaloa harvest of the next cycle, future July/22, without bases, is 306.44 dls/ton. Read more: The moment of truth has arrived• For the P-V 2021 cycle, Zacatecas estimates a harvest of 363 thousand tons, which would be 18% lower than the previous year; Durango expects higher production to reach 74 thousand tons, compared to 49 thousand in the same cycle of the previous year; Chihuahua shows very good yields, a total production of 53 thousand 700 tons is expected. The cumulative import from January to October 2021 was 174 thousand tons, 74% above the same period in 2020. 

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