Closing of the Festival ‘Nortíteres’ 2021

Culiacan, Sinaloa. Between cheers and laughter ended one more edition of the Festival ‘Nortíteres’ 2021 of the UAS and this time it did so by presenting a chain of fragments of the shows that made up the billboard of the puppeteer party over eight days of activities. As a “magazine program” the presentation of the groups in the Festival ‘Nortíteres’ 2021 of the UAS, was in charge of two well-known characters of life in the teatrinos, Pandemio Bocaseca and Pálido Gómez; who in addition to impressing joy to the audience with their occurrences, took the common thread of the event to perfection. To start the puppeteering function came the Delta Theater Group, who throughout the show offered multiple presentations such as the interpretation of the song The Redemption song, by Jimy Hendrix with the very well achieved puppet of direct animation, who gave way to the company Tárbol, from Lima, Peru and a fragment of the show Cholito in The Magical Andes, who, at the end of their speech, thanked the Festival for making their participation possible. Great attendance on the last day of presentations. Photo: Courtesy The only puppet of all the participating companies that moves by helicopter, El Zorrillo de Santa Rosita, of the Guiñoleros UAS Group, would arrive later to interpret the title A todo Sinaloa, original title of El tigrillo Palma.Read more: https://www. Enjoy Cholito in the Magical Andes at the Nortíteres 2021 festival of the UASThe sun fell and the show continued, now with La pestaña del lobo, which is part of Secretos con el corazón de noche, by María Laura Vélez, head of Proyecto Mariposa, who invited to go out to the forest, to go out immediately, not to stay in the comfort zone, that is, to come out to life. Between laughter was lived the last day of the festival. Photo: Courtesy After Delta Teatro returned to the stage of the Festival ‘Nortíteres’ 2021 with Enter Sandman, by Metallica and give rise to the official closing, where it was present, in addition to the participating companies, Homar Medina Barreda, General Coordinator of Extension of Culture, Fernando Mejía Castro, director of the Nortíteres Festival, who ceded the use of the voice to the head of the cultural dependency, who said that, “Art is a powerful tool for social transformation, it is a tool that supports us for what we want to be when we are great, art is the mortar that unites all the pieces of a society.” The party would culminate with the participation of Bembón and Burundanga, a couple of puppets originally from Cuba, who, by the way, are divorced, but their professionalism is such that they do not allow that small detail to be an obstacle to dance the Mambo No. 8 of Pérez Prado with all the flavor of the Caribbean and fill with rhythm and flavor the puppeteer party of ‘Nortíteres’.

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