Lucas González’s crime: they found a cigarette burn on one of his hands

Lucas González, the 17-year-old murdered by city police in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas, was “tortured” before his death, the lawyer for the teenager’s family, Gregorio Dalbón, said today. In the autopsy on the boy’s body, a cigarette burn was detected on one of his hands.” Tremendous finding that the parents manifested in their testimonial. Lucas was tortured. They burned a cigarette in his hand. When the mother told it, the prosecutors wanted to leave it written. Both (prosecutor Andrés) Heim and (prosecutor Leonel Gómez) Barbella. Now that testimony gains value with the result of the autopsy,” the lawyer wrote this morning on his Twitter account. Speaking to Radio 10, he said: “When the mother went to the hospital, she told me that she saw a stain on her hand. Then, a prosecutor asked for it to be analyzed and yesterday we had the response of the autopsy where he says that it is a cigarette burn that dates from the same moment. It’s from before Lucas passed away.”

Sources in the case told Infobae that no cigarettes were found in the Volkswagen Suran in which the young people were traveling.” It is a form of torture,” said Dalbón, who considered that this aggravating factor will lead the defendants to remain “50 years” in prison, since it is a “case of hatred.” Spokesmen with access to the case told the Telam agency that, according to the result of the forensic report, that burn that the teenager had was made near the moment he was shot, so the main hypothesis is that it was the police who were responsible. With regard to the progress of the case, Dalbón reported that this Wednesday the reconstruction of the event will be made and advanced more arrests: “There will be twelve police officers detained.” Step by step we see each analysis, and each police officer who testifies is involving another. They are getting very nervous. Those of the brigade that killed Lucas are not the same ones who came in the afternoon and tried to put the gun on him, cover up and arm all the paraphernalia so that these minors end up being accused as criminals,” he revealed. And he stressed: “Lucas’ case is going to be a before and after in the police brigades.” According to the investigation, the incident happened on November 17 around 9:30 a.m., when Lucas and his three friends, all 17 years old, left the Barracks Central club training aboard a blue Volkswagen Suran and when they stopped to buy juices at a kiosk they were approached by a Nissan Tiida of the Comuna 4 Brigade of the City Police, with three troops who came down and, without identifying themselves, approached them with weapons. The young men, believing that they were going to be assaulted, accelerated to flee and the police, later identified as Juan José Nieva, Fabian Andrés López and Gabriel Alejandro Issasi shot them. Lucas was shot in the head and killed shortly after at Florencio Varela’s El Cruce hospital, while his friends were initially detained as if they were criminals, although they were released the next day. The three policemen were arrested and charged with aggravated homicide, while over the course of the days they were joined by six other officers who are indicated as those who covered up the scene and “planted” a replica weapon in the car of the teenagers to make them pass as suspects and justify the persecution and police attack. Those accused are, in addition to Miño, Commissioner Juan Romero, Deputy Commissioner Roberto Inca -both in charge of the Summary Division and Brigades of the Communal Police Station 4-; Commissioner Fabián Du Santos, principal Héctor Cuevas and Officer Micaela Fariña, from the 4D Neighborhood Police Station of the City Police.

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