Racing will pay tribute to the partners disappeared in the last dictatorship

After an initiative presented in March 2021, Racing Club confirmed that December 7 will not be another day in the history of the members of the “Academy”, since like what several Argentine clubs did, tribute will be paid to the members and fans disappeared during the last military dictatorship. In this new recognition of the memory of the viscimas, the restitution of their status as associates will be carried out, and the consequent delivery of cards to their relatives. It is a tribute to 45 members and fans who were detained-disappeared between 1976 and 1983.

We are proud to inform you that on 7/12 tribute will be paid to the members and fans who disappeared during the last military dictatorship with the restitution of their status as associates and the consequent delivery of cards to their families.➡️ — Racing Club Members (@RacingSocios)
November 30, 2021

The progress of this measure starts after a project that the club launched on March 19, 2021, by a presentation made by the members Jorge Watts -deceased by Covid 19-, Osvaldo Santoro, Miguel Laborde, Carlos Ulanovsky and Carlos Krug, and that then the Department of Partners took to the Commission. ” The initiative quickly achieved international repercussion and the press narrated that Racing will make eternal partners to the victims of the most atrocious stage of national history, within the framework of a cycle in which more and more sports entities in the country reincorporate the disappeared people into their social mass, “they said officially. The ceremony will have free admission for those members, fans and public who wish to attend it, on Tuesday, December 7, at 6:30 p.m., on the field of play of the Cylinder of Avellaneda. On the other hand, no further details were given about the act to be carried out and the accompaniment of professional football. The 45 members disappreciated and honored by Racing Club

Jose Abdala
Alejandro Almeida
Jose Amigo
Luis Avellino
Diego Beigbeder
Hilda Bruzzone
Jorge Caffati
Alvaro Cardenas
Olga Cepeda
James Chester
Enrique Cobacho
Oscar Cobacho
Liliana Corti
Armando Croatto
Lucia Cullen
Gustav Dicovsky
Mario Diaz
Paul Dorigo
George Elischer
Diego Ferreyra
Jose Flores
Eugenio Daniel Gallina
Eugenio Felix Gallina
Mario Gallina
Luis Garcia
Ricardo Garcia
Silvia Goñi
Dante Guede
Enrique Juarez
Gustavo Juarez
Albert Krug
Luis Laporte
Osvaldo Maciel
Cesar Maza
Carlos Mugica
Cesar Nieto
Heriberto Ruggeri
Robert Santoro
Miguel Scarpato
Daniel Schapira
Delfor Soto
Luis Steimberg
Jorge Sznaider
Mauricio Villalba
Oscar Zalazar

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