Stefi Roitman on his first drive: “SuperLike Challenge is a dream come true”

2021 was a busy year for Stefanía Roitman. After taking the lead in the digital content of “La Voz Argentina”, launching her bikini brand “My Happy”, participating in the series “Maradona: Sueño Bendito” and planning her wedding for January 2022 with her boyfriend Ricky Montaner comes a new project: the conduction of her first free-to-air television program. This is “Desafio SuperLike”, the first competition of fashion influencers in which contestants must create “posts” or publications and demonstrate all their talent when it comes to putting together “looks”, taking photos or filming videos and publishing them on their accounts. A terrerno in which Stefi moves with ease. In dialogue with the actress, designer, influencer and brand new host spoke about her new project that is already on the air every Saturday at the end of “PH: We can talk” on the Screen of Telefe.

“I’m very excited about Superlike Challenge. Very grateful for the opportunity because it really is the first time that I put myself in charge of a program to lead it alone. I had the opportunity in other years to co-drive so this generated a huge challenge for me,” he told this media from his home in the city of Miami.With the leadership of Stefi the new program aims to discover the next star of the networks of Argentina and Latin America. The winner of the cycle will be the one that proposes the most creative and original content. Whoever reaches the end of the event will take a trip to one of the capitals of fashion but everyone will have the opportunity to reach agreements and contracts to promote brands and products.” It is an innovative proposal, I love it. It’s the typical format that I saw as a girl on MTV, on those reality channels or fashion competitions. So it’s a little bit of a dream, really. Not only because it is the first program I host but because I love the format, it has a lot to do with me, “said Stefi.Es with more than three million followers on Instagram the 27-year-old actress is undoubtedly one of the most influential people on the network. “I feel very identified, I empathize a lot,” she said of the participants who already have a presecia in networks but want to become even bigger influencers.
In that sense, he reflected on his role as an influencer and the responsibility that entails: “A little I do not realize, which is great because there is something about me that will never change. I am who I am and it is what I show but one has a responsibility. I am followed by many people, many teenagers, even younger girls,” he told I share what my life is and who I am: my jobs, my emotions, how I live life and how I face it. I share what I try to bring to this world which is the importance of gratitude, happiness. Face challenges and dreams with all the passion and go for them,” he added about the message he shares every day with his millions of followers. There is a common denominator which is that I am almost always smiling and sometimes I am questioned but it is who I am. Obviously I have my tremendous days, of stress, of crying, of not being able to anymore and I also share it. I try to show myself as genuine as I can. I live it with joy with responsibility and trying to be as honest as I can, always, “he added.- That feeling of joy and gratitude is reflected in your brand, “My Happy”, what can you tell us about that and what news are coming for Argentina?- “My Happy” was really an Instagram that I started in quarantine in which I wanted to capture what I felt, my thoughts, things that did me good, songs that inspired me, books or destinations that excited me and I ended up turning it into a product. I wanted that essence to reach the audience on the other side of the cell phone. It’s that one can say “My Happy” without buying the bikini. I am not specifically interested in the bikini but I wanted to create something that identifies me and that would transmit happiness, gratitude, feeling free, comfortable with oneself but without ceasing to transform and grow.
– The brand proposes a positive and inclusive image of bodies, how does that look reflected in the product?- Today there is that mandate of ‘you have to love yourself’, ‘you have to love yourself as you are’ and it is difficult, it is not so easy or so like that. So my goal is not that you get the bikini and suddenly you love yourself but to feel that freedom, that desire to live. It’s something I try to walk with, to walk, so I’m very happy with “My Happy.” Today we only have swimsuits with super inclusive sizes ranging from XS to triple XL. I celebrate that and it makes me feel very proud. It’s something I’ve seen up close by family members or friends who do not find sizes or who have to go to an exclusive place of large sizes. I never understood it and it made me angry, it generated pain. Instead of getting angry with that, I try, from my little place, to start promoting that it is the same bikini for all body shapes. It’s not that my body has to get into the clothes, I find it ridiculous. Now we come to Argentina, with Argentine prices. We are launching two new models, we are selling a lot and God willing in February we will participate in the New York Fashion Week.- What was it like to be part of the series “Maradona: Blessed Dream”?- Beautiful. My small participation was recorded in 2019 and until I saw it made, edited, produced and everything did not fall into what the series meant. I received messages from my father-in-law, my brothers-in-law who are football fans, full of pride. It gave me a lot of emotion because sometimes you don’t take dimension. For me it is still a job to which I put the same heart and passion as all projects. Then I was surprised when it came out because I said ‘this is big’. A series translated into hundreds of languages, talking about a person so important for football, with so many controversies, but a great in football, for our country and for what he represents around the world. I have crossed paths with Ricky’s friends, artists of another club such as music, who told me that they saw me and congratulated me. For me it is an honor and a pride but we are always going like this step by step with more challenges.- We know that you are working a lot with your wedding at the same time as new professional projects, what can you tell us?- I am castings, there are proposals, the wheel continues to move and for that I am very grateful. In the meantime I’m still full with “My Happy”. The reality is that this last week and the last months that remain I am very focused on my wedding but I do not lose sight of the fact that there are things that are going to come but the truth, nothing closed. Super open and available for whatever comes but always on the go.
– Now that you are living abroad, how is your relationship with Argentina?- I always find some excuse to return to Argentina. Be it work, be it a marriage, whatever, it seems to me the best plan. Ricky loves it. The only thing he doesn’t like is the distance but the whole Montaner family loves our country and that makes me happy because it’s my hometown. It is a pleasure and it is always a good plan to return, more if we all go together. I love it when I go with him to Argentina because I connect in a different way with my family and with my friends. That they are with Ricky gives me happiness and that it is not alone at a distance. Networks and video calls bring you closer but there is no such way as face-to-face. In addition the audience with Mau and Ricky is a party, they are the maximum and that makes me very happy.- After “La Voz Argentina” the boys exploded in the country, how do they live it?- They are grateful to “La Voz” and Telefe because it opened them to another audience and they made themselves loved a lot. There were people who prejudged because they did not know them and ended up falling in love with these two characters who are the maximum and have a heart of gold, as well as talented. Now they are touring the interior of the country and had already done the Gran Rex. They are full. Camilo also comes with Evaluna. I am proud, my drool falls.

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