The traditional annual cavalcade of Culiacán resumes

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Pleasant meeting was enjoyed by the attendees of the traditional Annual Parade, which was originally held before the inauguration of the Culiacán Livestock Fair, but in this 2021 the decision was made to carry it out again after two years of having been suspended due to all the health issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Botanical Garden of Culiacán was once again the point where all the riders gathered with their horses, to prepare both them and their cuacos before starting the journey from the aforementioned place, then passing through Álvaro Obregón Avenue and culminating their journey at the facilities of the Regional Livestock Union of Sinaloa. Of course, hundreds of people were the ones who went out to one of the main avenues of the city of Culiacán to admire and appreciate the people from various parts of the Mexican Republic who were part of this busy equestrian event. Each of the horses wore beautiful braids with colorful bows to further highlight their long and beautiful fur. Taking care that each loop was in accordance with the color of each rider’s saddles so that they combined perfectly. And among the accessories that each horse carried, they highlighted on several occasions the beauty of their handmade saddles. Some of them made entirely of leather or denim or in other cases, combining one of the two above with pieces made of gold or silver. Main attachment with which the steeds were very imposing, taking into account how large each of these specimens are. Among those who let themselves be seen some of simple lineage while others showed with the naked eye the elegant of their lineage.

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