This is the right time to cook the turkey in the oven

Turkey is a traditional dish to dine with the family at this Christmas time, learn to cook it in the best way with these simple steps and enjoy all the flavor that this delicious preparation has, we also share these tips to know the cooking time and how to know if it is ready when it is prepared in the oven. Although there are many ways to prepare turkey meat, one of the most traditional and best tasting is undoubtedly to bake it, in addition to the ease of seasoning and the filling it has, you can enjoy this dish preserving all the juices of its meat and with a golden and delicious crust giving it the ideal baking time. Read more: Cranberry sauce, a very easy thanksgiving recipe to make at home Baking time: Since turkey meat is quite delicate at the time of cooking, it is very easy for it to dry out in high temperatures, one of the tricks to avoid this, is to let the meat thaw one night before the time of baking. Ideally, at the time of baking the temperatures never exceed 200 ° c since this will cause accelerated dehydration and dry the meat faster, the baking time should not exceed the hour for each kilo of meat, that is, if your turkey weighs 2 kilos, the baking time should be less than 2 hours. The best way to know that the meat is ready, is through the skin, once the crust is completely golden, it means that the turkey is perfectly cooked inside, to protect it and better concentrate the heat, you can cover it with a part of aluminum foil or cover the tray or baking container with a heat-resistant lid. Tips to keep the meat juicy: Wash the turkey well: prior to baking, what is recommended is to clean it internally with cold water, removing visors and trifles alike and letting it rest at least 1 1/2 hours before cooking it so that it dries perfectly. You can also leave it marinating on wine and some sauce or abundant concentrate, as is the case with some sauces, since they are keeping the meat hydrated while it rests and evaporation will be less at the time of baking. Bake it in a tray or deep container, so you can store the juices at the time it is inside the oven, in this way it will continue to hydrate despite being in the heat of cooking. Varnish with butter to keep the surface moist and to acquire an even browning at the time of receiving the heat from above. Read more: Creamy mashed potato, a traditional thanksgiving recipeYyy can share this recipe with your whole family and enjoy all the flavor of this dish and its accompaniments at Christmas dinner.

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