March for World DAY to Fight HIV/AIDS in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- We must not forget that HIV-AIDS is still present and infecting people, governments must remember to carry out more prevention campaigns, and people should not neglect, that is the message of the civil association Sharing Challenges in Mazatlan.This December 1, this association did not let go unnoticed the commemoration of World AIDS Day, for this reason they called for a march that began in the monument Al Pescador towards the Plaza República. It should be noted that few attended the llamado.NO neglect Israel Tavera Posadas, collaborator of Compartir Retos AC., said that with this type of marches people are reminded of the situation of epidemics and pandemics that the world is experiencing, and although they have focused on Covid-19, HIV-AIDS does not stop, and cannot be left aside. Read more: Mayor of Mazatlan assures that work is being done to address public lighting failures He commented that in this 2021, since January, the Outpatient Center for the Prevention and Care of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (Capasits) in Sinaloa has registered one thousand 692 outpatients, with treatment, and of those, 487 are in the municipality of Mazatlan.
He added that only this year in Mazatlan 331 new patients were registered in the issue of HIV-AIDS.He estimated that for every known case of HIV-AIDS, there are three that are not known. “Unfortunately there has been an increase (in cases) especially in the heterosexual female population,” he said. She added that many women are getting infected because of their male partners, who are immersed in risk situations and become infected. Lack of prevention Tavera Posadas said that the authorities need to do more prevention. “I think that many prevention programs are needed, right now everything is focused on Covid, they are leaving aside the HIV pandemic.” For us, it is necessary for the Government to put more effort into this type of action, and not only the Government, but also the Health institutions (…) which are responsible for attending to the health of the entire population, and more in the type of vulnerable people, “he added. Tavera Posadas lamented that despite the passage of time, the stigma suffered by HIV-AIDS patients does not decrease, they continue to be singled out by society, they continue to get into trouble in their jobs, as in the last 40 years. Called Tavera Posadas made a public call to governments to invest more in HIV-AIDS prevention programs, and in awareness campaigns. And to people, he urges them to educate themselves on this subject, to remove fears. “It is better to be with a timely diagnosis, to be able to have retroviral treatment in a timely manner, and to have a good quality of life.” Read more: The Government of Mazatlan will help with Semujeres to attend to victims of violenceThe march held yesterday would end in the Republic square, where a symbolic ceremony and memory of those who have lost the battle against this disease would be held, a red ribbon would be made in commemoration of the World Fight against AIDS, and a message would be given to those present.

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