Vacation: get ready to travel and check what vaccinations you should have

Currently, Chileans and resident foreigners can travel to other countries for professional and/or vacation purposes, but meeting certain requirements. While, due to the pandemic, some governments require COVID vaccination to enter their territory, there are other vaccines that should not be forgotten. The World Health Organization (WHO) advises that all travelers have their vaccinations up to date before starting a trip. Ideally, it is recommended that four to six weeks before the trip, the passenger consult with his doctor what are the recommendations for disease prevention according to health status, the destination to which he travels and the activities he will perform during his stay. In addition to finding out the COVID vaccination requirements depending on the place being visited, travelers should consider other vaccinations based on their destination, activities, and individual health status. Infectious diseases can be transmitted by water and food, by respiratory droplets, by contact with infected blood or fluids, by animal bites, insect bites, among others. The latter can be prevented by repellents, mosquito nets or the use of long-sleeved clothing. However, the others can be avoided thanks to vaccination. Vaccines are divided into three types: first, there are the usual vaccines, these are the ones that are part of the official vaccination calendar for children and adults in each country. On the other hand, the required vaccines, that is, the mandatory vaccines for the entry of travelers in some countries. This may coincide with certain times of the year or by particular epidemiological situations. Finally there are the recommended vaccines, which are the suggested immunizations for travelers according to the diseases to which they may be exposed during the trip. The most important thing, without a doubt, is to consult with a doctor before making any trip, in order to check-in with the vaccines.

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