Epigmenio Ibarra affirms that Felipe Calderón will go to prison

This Friday, journalist Epigmenio Ibarra said that Felipe Calderón Hinojosa will be imprisoned and then extradited to the United States, where his former collaborator Genaro García Luna faces trial for alleged ties to drug trafficking. It was on his Twitter account “@epigmenioibarra”, where the also producer of films such as “Las Aparicio” and “Fuera del Cielo” responded to a post by the former president of Mexico between 2006 and 2012. In it, he criticized that he has not managed to obtain his certificate of vaccination against Covid-19.Margarita Zavala’s husband, in turn, replied to the following tweet of journalist Pascal Beltrán del Río “Who has tried to download his covid vaccination certificate and has not succeeded?”. Read more: “Wallet instead of the brain”, Fernández Noroña to Claudio X. GonzálezFelipe Calderón explained that he has followed the requirements imposed by the platform in search of obtaining his certificate, because he needs it to travel, but it has not had favorable results. I, too, @beltrandelrio, have tried unsuccessfully to obtain my vaccination certificate. Already send the documents they ask for, again and again. It is essential for me to travel and fulfill work commitments. That system just doesn’t work.” For this message Epigmenio Ibarra assured that Felipe Calderón would sooner or later be arrested, and that the officers in charge of his transfer would not ask him for any document to enter the United States. Read more: Did AMLO eliminate corruption? Sergio Sarmiento makes a survey to know it “On the flight in which you will have to travel, the bailiffs who will take you handcuffed, the vaccination certificate Mr. Felipe Calderón will not require you. Sooner rather than later he will end up accompanying his friend, collaborator and accomplice Genaro García Luna in a US prison.” Santiago Creel delivers letter to AMLO to discuss different issues about Mexico
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