Myriam Hernández and José Luis “Puma” Rodríguez opened the show at telethon 2021

The national singer Myriam Hernández was the first artist to perform in the opening block of the Telethon. Later, it would be the turn of José Luis “Puma” Rodríguez.Read also: [En VIVO] The program, which will be held only at the Telethon Theater and with strict measures to comply with health regulations, will have national and international artists. According to the organization, the show will be structured in six blocks designed for all audiences and will have different instances of humor, music and stories. As for the international billboard, the artists who will perform on the stage of the Telethon Theater will be Ricardo Montaner, Axe Bahia, Osmani García, Silvestre Dandung, Luis Lambis and Franco “El Gorila”. There will also be a special moment to celebrate the 20 years of the Brazilian band, where it will seek to remember its main hits such as “Beso En La Boca” and “Manivela”. On the other hand, the national proposal is not far behind and will have the participation in the humor of Stefan Kramer. From the musical point of order, Jordan, Los Chenitas, Flor de Rap with his daughter Rosanita and Swing del Mono (band of Gustavo “El Guatón de la Fruta” Becerra) will be presented. For the saturday morning block, the little ones can enjoy the songs of El Perro Chocolo and Sinergia Kids, along with the circus act of El Circo de Pastelito and Tachuela Chico. Also, Daniela Castillo, Vesta Lugg, Emilia Dides, Carolina Soto and Tita Parra will be presented.In charge of the dance music will be Tommy Rey, Tomo como Rey and Chacareros de Paine.

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