“Canta Argentina 2021” is coming, which artists will be part of this edition?

Red Solidaria, will participate with more than 200 localities of the country of a new edition of the “Canta Argentina” that will take place on December 12. For this reason, from the local organization they invite citizens to rehearse the “Song of the gardener” by María Elena Walsh, which will be sung in a group from the Plaza de Mayo at 6:00 p.m. and for more than 80 cities. “This year we chose a song by María Elena Walsh and we are going to do the Canta Argentina Infancias. It’s a very nice song Gardener’s Song. It is not necessary that they are singers, but to be able to participate in this initiative that is very beautiful, “said Marcelo Valverde, organizer and reference of Red Solidaria. He also announced that a native tree will be planted in each of the cities of the country that participate, to give a signal, a gesture, for climate change. The artists who have already said yes for this new call are: -Adriana
-Sandra Mihanovich
-Lito Vitale
-Elena Roger
-The Magdalenes
-Little Fish
-The Band of Ties
-Harlequin World
-Cote te Canta
-Pichuculundios We leave the song for you to practice and join the voices of these great artists. 

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