José Antonio Kast modifies his program and reverses the elimination of the Ministry of Women and recognizes that climate change does exist

The presidential candidate of the Christian Social Front, José Antonio Kast presented on Tuesday his government program, which consists of 5 programmatic axes that are: recover peace and order; recover the economy; guarantee a dignified life; take as a matter of urgency a set of measures to address climate change and drought; and to give priority to Chilean women.
“Our main objective is a dignified life for all Chileans,” he said, noting in Kast at the presentation of his government plan, along with noting that it is “perfectible and improvable.”
Although the candidate said yesterday in Valparaiso that his program was not going to have substantive changes, he drew attention in the presentation that one of the most important axes is precisely to set the priority on Chilean women, a position that represents a 180-degree turn compared to his program of the first round, in which precisely the elimination of the Ministry of Women was one of the points that generated the most controversy, which is why it had to reverse that measure.
“We will have to establish clear rules that respect for women and can deploy their integral development in all areas,” said the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic.
Another point of the programmatic proposal of the leader of the Republican Party in which an important change is seen, is to assume as an urgency a set of measures to face climate change and drought. “In a common effort we have to unite so that in the short term we can face an ‘epic battle’ against desertification,” said the far-right standard-bearer.
At the beginning of his speech, Kast emphasized that his idea of government is that the State must be at the service of the citizen. In that sense, its plan contemplates “promoting the professionalization of the public administration”, modernizing the procedures that currently require face-to-face attendance and strengthening the rights of taxpayers.
In his address, the standard-bearer of the Christian Social Front did not miss the opportunity to go into a tailspin against his contender, Gabriel Boric (I approve Dignity), pointing mainly to his alliance with the Communist Party: “Where the Communist Party manages the government, there is failure and pain.”
He also said that “we believe in democracy and freedom, which is what distinguishes us from the other political project (…) what candidate Gabriel Boric said in the first round is not consistent with what he is saying now.”
And on the other hand, he criticized him for not wanting to attend debates: “I regret that he has been absent from several debates, that hurts democracy.”
Read the program summary at the following link.

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