Local Hidalgo Deputy Accused of Sexual Abuse

Mariana — whose real name was changed for security reasons — attended a popular dance in Pachuca on November 19 with local deputy Edgar Hernández Dañu and part of his team. That night, she says, the lawmaker tried to sexually abuse her.
With this are at least two women who point to the local deputy of attempted sexual abuse.
That night, after the dance ended, the deputy of the Labor Party (PT), some of his collaborators and Mariana went to Ixmiquilpan in the deputy’s van, a dark Jeep, witnesses told Criterion.

The journey from Pachuca to Ixmiquilpan, the district represented by the legislator, took approximately two hours.
The unit arrived in the San Nicolás neighborhood, in the Mezquitalino municipality, where the local legislator has an apartment. Before entering, he fired his work team.
Once inside, Hernández Dañu, tried to sexually abuse her. In the struggle to defend herself Mariana was beaten by the deputy, who pulled her hair so hard that she even managed to detach parts of it, wanted to hang her and kicked her in various parts of the body, narrated a person close to the victim who requested anonymity.

As best she could, Mariana tried to defend herself with a bottle of tequila. Once she was able to join, the woman escaped from the deputy’s property: she jumped the main entrance and ran towards the premises of the Aurrera self-service store, which is located in that neighborhood. There she was helped by one of her relatives.
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Mariana told the above to a trusted person, whose identity is kept in custody for security reasons, since the victim received threats from the local deputy, who threatened her not to denounce, because he assured her that she has relations with authorities and invited her to “avoid future problems.”
Criterion has evidence of the aggression, but they are kept in protection in respect of legal regulations.
Mariana’s case is not the only one. Hernández Dañu allegedly attacked Fernanda. A worker from the Mayor’s Office of Ixmiquilpan was an eyewitness to the events and helped the young woman. Although she wanted to report the crime, the local deputy persuaded her to avoid it, telling her that the Public Ministry would not proceed with his investigation, because he has relations with local personnel.
Criterion contacted the two victims, but both said they are afraid to denounce, as it would involve going to the Public Ministry and confronting a legislator, who presumes he has friends in those offices. Mariana said that, fearing reprisals for denouncing the alleged crime, she moved out of the state.
Deputy asks for ‘help’ for the case
After learning about the cases of both alleged victims, Criterio sought to know the version of the local deputy for the PT, who asked the reporter for “help.”
This is the transcript of the call:
—The note will come out tomorrow of the events that occurred on November 19, the day of Gerardo Ortiz’s dance. There is a girl who holds you responsible for physical assaults against her. There are photographs of what happened. So, because it is such a strong issue, I would like you, Member, to give me your opinion on what happened: what happened? because, well, it is obviously an important issue.
“That’s it, that’s the way it is. Perfect, perfect. Who is going to get the grade? She?
“Nope. I’m going to take it out. That’s why, personally, I need your version.
“He’s scumbag, he’s scumbag. Yes, yes, yes. Why…? Don’t you have a chance to come here, to Congress, and we talk?
“Look, there is a problem in The Mission and I’m busy on that issue. So, this came out of the box.
“Yes, yes, yes. Who is moving? Is there another?
“No, no, no.
“Well, help me, friend, and we’re seeing this one… how… practically how… How much… how I help you, but, this… help me to damage control, to all the mess of this that is coming.
Until the closing of this note, the local deputy did not offer more information to Criterion.
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