Colmed points to Paris for irregularities that media would have erroneously attributed to Siches

During this afternoon the Medical College disseminated through its networks a statement in which they reject the report of the media El Líbero, in which the findings of an audit were mentioned, insinuating responsibility in the facts of the former President of the institution, Dr. Izkia Siches.From the guild they point out that it was precisely the current spokeswoman of the campaign of the Presidential candidate Gabriel Boric who in his management decided to carry out said audit, the one that gave an account of the irregularities that occurred in previous efforts, and pointing specifically to the direction chaired by the current Minister of Health, Dr. Enrique Paris. In the statement they start noting that “The National Board of Directors headed by Dr. Izkia Siches Pastén assumed its functions on July 1, 2017, succeeding the one headed by the current Minister of Health, Dr. Enrique Paris Mancilla.” Then they point out, regarding the audit that, “In 2018, as a result of an improvement in the internal control systems of our institution, it was discovered that the administrator of the Valparaíso Regional Council was defrauding, at least since 2014, our institution, which is why it was decided to hire an external audit, commissioned to KPMG, to elucidate the extent of the fraud and determine whether similar acts would have been committed in other Regional Councils throughout the country.” Regarding the findings of irregularities by that same audit, they indicate from the Medical College that “It is the case to point out that this fraud, as well as the other deficiencies that the KPMG audit evidenced, originated before our arrival at the leadership of the Medical College, during or before the administration headed by Dr. Enrique Paris Mancilla.” Finally, they refer to the publication of the media El Líbero, which generated a stir this morning on social networks, indicating that “The omission in the report of El Líbero of the aforementioned circumstance and the attempt to attribute responsibility for such facts to the current administration, evidences the spurious purposes that the aforementioned media hides. The Medical College is categorical in rejecting the insinuations of this report, reaffirming the commitment to continue implementing all the necessary measures to improve the processes within our institution.”

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