Deputy-elect Gonzalo de la Carrera (REP): “Comprehensive Sexual Education is a totalitarian concept”

The elected deputy of the Republican Party, Gonzalo de la Carrera, addressed in harsh terms the project of Integral Sexual Education that contemplates the presidential program of the candidate of Apruebo Dignidad, Gabriel Boric.
The new parliamentarian told Chilevisión that “we do not like Comprehensive Sexual Education because we do not want the State to get into our home and less with our children. We don’t want them to hypersexualize our children, we don’t want them to be confused in their roles.”
“We do not want comprehensive sex education to tell children, in kindergartens, that they are a cultural construct and that what they have between their legs, whether penis or vagina, is just a coincidence,” the Republican added.
In that sense, he maintained that “Comprehensive Sexual Education is a totalitarian concept that imposes on parents to have to endure that this integral education, which is proposed by the State and that is why I speak of totalitarian, tells or authorizes kindergarten teachers to confuse our children about their gender.”
“I would not like my children or my grandchildren to have to go through the State to a school program where they are going to tell some children that ‘you are Martita and you are Jaime. Tomorrow, you Jaime is going to behave like Martita and Martita is going to behave like Jaime. And they’re going to do it as many times as necessary until you Martita or Jaime define whether what you have between your legs suits you or not,'” de la Carrera added.
“For me, Comprehensive Sexual Education is an abuse. It is an abuse of power, of the State in front of the parents, of the State in front of the children, and I find it absolutely serious,” he said.

On the same television channel, the elected deputy was denied live by the journalist Monserrat Álvarez, after referring to the rating of the program “Las caras de la moneda” with José Antonio Kast as a guest. “What happened last night on Don Francisco’s program, surpassed every government program, broke all the ratings, surpassed all the emotion, surpassed everything that means integration, was convincing. It was tuned in by more than 6 million people,” said the Carrera firmly.
However, the journalist Monserrat Álvarez explained: “Official information that comes to us from ‘Las caras de la moneda’ and I will have to ask Gonzalo de la Carrera for what he said. The rating of Gabriel Boric’s program was higher than José Antonio Kast’s program.”
The constituent Pollyana Rivera, also present in the space, said that what de la Carrera pointed out “does not mean that it is good or bad.”
Álvarez spoke again and reviewed the deputy representative of District 11: “That’s why, as is, that’s why Gonzalo de la Carrera’s argument is misleading when he says that this rating is a demonstration of something, of a voting intention or something like that.”
Gonzalo de la Carrera softened: “What I want to say is the background comment: yesterday we saw unity, affection, love, what Chile needs.”

The deputy and campaign coordinator of Boric, Giorgio Jackson (RD), proposed a particular game in the morning of Channel 13, after the statements of Gonzalo de la Carrera; who made a long intervention on the “close” relationship between Boric and the Communist Party, erroneously linking it with the conventional elected with quota of the Socialist Party Jorge Baradit.
“It is registered by the Communist Party. The Communist Party endorses 95% of the program, and Jorge Baradit is a communist. So, the communist candidate is accompanied by a communist writer,” said de la Carrera.
Therefore, Jackson intervened and proposed to drink every time he called himself a “communist.”
“Look, let’s make a game. Every time (de la Carrera) says ‘communist’ we are going to have a short liquor,” said the RD deputy.
The proposal made the panel laugh, and Mauricio Jürgensen clarified that Baradit was elected by a socialist quota and not by the PC.

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