Google Searches: what were the most searched terms in 2021

Google presents “The year in searches”, the annual summary that analyzes which were the terms that aroused the most interest during 2021 in Argentina. In this list, we leave you the most searched terms in the eight categories: searches 2021, what, how, why, events, people, recipes and series, movies and TV shows. Searches 2021
America’s Cup
Where I vote
Mauro Viale
Hot Sale
Get vaccinated
Wanda Nara
Qatar 2022 Qualifiers

What does “nashe” mean?
What does “cairn” mean in Venezuela?
What happens in Colombia?
What about WhatsApp?
What does “uwu” mean?
What if I don’t vote?
What is thrombosis?
What is Telegram?
Which dinosaur has 500 teeth?
What is AMBA?

How to vote?
What is Thor’s hammer called?
How to vote in La Voz Argentina 2021?
How do I know if I collect the 15000 bonus?
How did Peppa Pig die?
How do I know if I have a food card with ID?
How are the elections going?
How do I know if I charge the IFE 4?
How to sign up for the vaccine?
How is Carmen Barbieri?

Why is October 8th a holiday?
Why doesn’t WhatsApp go?
Why is June 21 a holiday?
Why is Messi leaving Barcelona?
Why is Russia ROC?
Why do they say Dibu to Emiliano Martínez?
Why don’t you eat meat at Easter?
Why do they say Gunda to Claudio Fontán?
Why were chainsaws invented?
Why is August 16th a holiday?

America’s Cup
Hot Sale
Qatar 2022 Qualifiers
2021 Olympic Games
CyberMonday 2021
Elections 2021
Chinese rocket
Easter 2021
Copa Libertadores 2021

Mauro Viale
Wanda Nara
Dibu Martinez
Morro Garcia
China Suarez
Alec Baldwin
Agustina Posse
Christian Eriksen
Zac Efron

Banoffee Cake Recipe
Pizza in teglia recipe
Bizcochuelo Recipe
Rich and fluffy Easter Donut Recipe
Papas rosti recipe
Fried Cake Recipe
Scrambled gramajo recipe
Macarons Recipe
Tiger Milk Recipe
Arepas Recipe

SERIES, movies and TV shows
The Argentine Voice 2021
The Squid Game
Doctor Miracle
Cobra Kai
Black Widow
Sky Red

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