Johnson confirms UK diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has announced on Wednesday the diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympic Games to be held by Beijing in February, in line with the reprisals that have already been adopted by other countries such as the United States and Australia.Before the House of Commons, Johnson has revealed that no British authority will attend on behalf of London to the imminent sporting event, which “effectively” amounts to a diplomatic boycott. The Chinese government has regretted the positions taken by several Western governments, which mainly dislike the reduction of rights and freedoms in the Asian giant and cases such as those in Xinjiang, where the United States considers that a genocide is being committed against the Uighur population. In the European field, only Lithuania has taken the step, while other EU governments such as the French or the German have advocated coordination. Italy has the most difficult role, as it will be the host country of the next Winter Olympics, scheduled for 2026.The United Kingdom joins the United States and Australia.

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