National arraigo ordered and house arrest of general (r) of Carabineros

The Seventh Court of Guarantee of Santiago left this Tuesday subject to the precautionary measures of national arraigo and partial night house arrest to the former general director of Carabineros Eduardo Gordon Valcárcel, accused by the Public Ministry as the author of the consummated and repeated crimes of embezzlement of public funds and falsification of public instruments, illicit that he would have perpetrated between 2008 and 2011.In the resolution, Judge Carla Cappello Valle accepted the request of the prosecution, with the agreement of the defense and the complainant State Defense Council (CDE), and imposed on the accused the prohibition of leaving the country and the permanence in his private home between 22 hours and six in the morning of the next day. In addition, it maintained the six-month investigation period, set at the hearing for the formalization of co-defendants in the case, held at the beginning of last October. According to the persecuting entity, during the period in which the accused served as general director of the Carabineros, between 2008 and 2211, in addition to the period in which he served as deputy director of the uniformed police, he appropriated the total sum of $ 79,705,000, plus 10 thousand dollars corresponding to reserved expenses, in addition to allocating other percentages to the high command and civil authorities. In his annual account of the reserved expenses to the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, in his capacity as general director, Gordon falsely reported that the embezzled money had been assigned to the intelligence and management units of criminal investigation and drugs of the institution.

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