Nothing new for the Expansion League

Mexico’s board of professional soccer club owners has made very little change for the next season of the first division, but the Expansion League fared worse, which will remain without promotion for at least the next two years. According to Mikel Arriola, president of Liga MX, from next year the teams of the silver division will begin to be certified, but it is not clarified what this procedure will consist of. Of course, Arriola clarified that in case four of the 16 frames that make up the lower circuit and one of them holds the label of champion as Tepatitlán did, by 2023 the ascent could be established again. In such a way that the Expansion League that is currently in its semifinal round, will continue to become a circuit of very unattractive for fans, due to the lack of that promotion, which is the main objective for which the clubs work. And in the face of such a bleak panorama that the Expansion League presents, the only thing left for the faithful fans that the Dorados have, is to continue supporting them, to be certified by the Liga MX and to arrive as champion of champions in 2023 so that the promotion returns. As for the first division, there were no substantial changes for next season, since the repechage and the use of the same number of foreign players will be maintained. That is, the mediocrity of the Aztec tournament will continue at its best. REVENGE. The Dorados visit today the Jaiba Brava of Tampico, in the first leg of the semifinal of the Expansion League and the truth for the Sinaloans is a very special clash. In fact, because the only stumble suffered by the Dorados was before the Jaiba Brava and in their own fish tank with a scandalous score of 3 per 0.De there that El Gran Pez has the obligation to leave with a great attitude to take a sweet revenge and in the process leave the way ready to round the key at home. MOLERO. With that adjective we can qualify the friendly clash that the teams of Mexico and Chile will hold today in Austin, Texas, because a spectacle of very little quality is expected due to the way in which the two armed cadres arrive in steam. We feel that the greatest interest of this match for the coach of the tricolor Gerardo Martino is to see the performance of several prospects who play in Europe and mainly Marcelo Flores, of Arsenal.And the other favorable aspect for the FMF is the economic, since they continue to exploit to more than power the countryman who resides in gringolandia. REFLECTION: Our reward lies in the effort and not in the result: A total effort is a complete victory.

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