Agustín Coppel Luken laments the insecurity in Sinaloa

Culiacán.- Businessman Agustín Coppel Luken, president and CEO of Grupo Coppel, lamented the insecurity that is experienced in Sinaloa and that he hopes that the new state government will worry about lowering the rates of violence and persecute criminals. After participating in a conversation with Alejandro Ramírez, president of Cinépolis in the facilities of the Botanical Garden, Coppel Luken declared that: “it hurts us a lot that there is violence, that there is so much violence, although it has come down from the past and we are not right now as the most violent state.” Concern “We know that it exists, we all know that there is the latent problem and that it is a difficult problem. I think the efforts that were made in the past government somehow helped in certain areas and it looks like this government wants to follow up on that,” the businessman said. He expressed that insecurity is a very complicated problem that affects us all. “Hopefully and the insecurity will go down, I say here, we get used to sometimes living in the problem, but the problem is latent and yes, it is a pity that we still suffer from it,” he said. He mentioned that now the most important thing is that crimes are prosecuted, “that the authorities cannot gantize us that there are no crimes, but their functions are to pursue criminals, find them and judge them as the law marks, that must be the approach. Price hike As for whether he foresees an increase in the products sold by Grupo Coppel, he pointed out “prices are high in the United States and in other countries, there is a rebound from the disorder generated by the pandemic, the issue of the international supply chain. Read more: Leader of businesswomen in Culiacán demand that there is no longer a worker killedTo import, transport, everything was out of balance, it is being adjusted right now and well, there is a shortage of chips, there is a shortage of several things that generate an increase in prices, the same energy are moving. ” He has a degree in Communication Sciences, graduated from the Autonomous University of the West (UAdeO) Campus Culiacán. He began in journalism in the newspaper La Hora de Sinaloa, has also worked in the newspapers Noroeste and El Sol de Sinaloa, as well as in the sports program Desde la Banca that was broadcast on Grupo ACIR, radio and in the radio news program Linea Directa. Since 2002 he works in the newspaper EL DEBATE, starting in the printed sports section, he has also worked in the Mexico-World section. He is currently a reporter for the sports section on the digital portal of this journalistic company In EL DEBATE de Culiacán he has covered Torneos de los Barrios, World Championship Box fights, Mexican Pacific Baseball League, Culiacán International Marathon, political elections, among other international events. He obtained the second place in the interview genre in the Sports Journalism Award, awarded by the Municipal Sports Institute of Culiacán (Imdec). He also received Recognition from the Board of Trustees of the Culiacán International Marathon, in 2015, for turning 10 years covering the event. Email: See more

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