Monreal rules out going for the CDMX

The coordinator of the Morena caucus in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, said he is determined to participate for the presidency of the Republic and ruled out competing for the head of government of Mexico City.
After the newspaper Reforma published a poll in which the senator is in the second position, after Mayor Clara Brugada, to be Morena’s candidate for the government of Mexico City, Monreal said that he is looking for the presidential candidacy.
“I’m not going to disqualify her (the poll), but I’m situated, as I told you before, in fighting for the presidential nomination. Thanks to the neighbors who were consulted and who opined for me for Mexico City, but by thanking them I can tell you my understanding that I have decided to participate for the Presidency of the Republic and not change my mind, I do not think I should do it, “he said.

In an interview, he assured that he is determined to participate in the internal process carried out by Morena to choose its candidate for the presidency of the Republic. “I don’t depart from that ideal, from this purpose,” he said.
He affirmed that the struggle is not easy, as one more citizen and as part of the people below, “foot on the ground”, because, he said, “it is more complicated not to have the protection or push of the organs of power”.

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— Ricardo Monreal A. (@RicardoMonrealA) December 8, 2021

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Monreal refused to have a plan B in case he did not get Morena’s presidential candidacy.
“No, I am a man who is not looking for compensation. I am determined to participate for the presidency of the Republic and nothing more. I want to win the good and I want to be there at a historic moment for the country, to deepen this political regime and continue with the transformation of institutions,” he added.
I want to offer the country my accumulated experience, he said.
In the poll of the newspaper Reforma published today, when asked if she would be willing to vote for each of the possible candidates, Clara Brugada reached the highest percentage with 19% of affirmative answers and 53% of negative, while Ricardo Monreal obtained 17% that they would vote for him and 57% that they would not.
With information from Reforma
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