Open dialogue, with respect and without threats, offers Sepyc

Sinaloa.- The administration of the governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya works under the humanist principle in which each of the members of the community have a voice. A show of citizen unity occurred for 34 days in El Valle de Mocorito, where the inhabitants raised their voices in solidarity with a family, a situation that this agency values, announced the Secretary of Education, Graciela Domínguez Nava. I want to tell teachers and education workers that the SEPyC does not break with them. We will be very vigilant that your benefits and labor guarantees are very taken care of. This is part of the disagreements we have had with the union leadership. We cannot not be interested in the labor rights of workers,” he said. He added that labor policy integrates two parts, the employers and union representation, for this reason it will always offer openness to dialogue.” The only thing we ask for is respect, that there are no demands, no threats and no attempt to replace the functions of the institution,” he said. The head of the Ministry of Public Education and Culture (SEPyC) added that Sinaloa joins the transformation process that is being experienced throughout the country, and in that sense it is essential to listen to the communities, especially when they organize for a common good. Therefore, he said, SEPyC maintains its firmness to work under the law, which implies abandoning those uses and customs that are contrary to the law. This unit is empowered to grant appointments to support staff and our duty is to act for the benefit of children, adolescents and young people, and their right to education. Read more: SNTE 53 announces break with Sepyc in Sinaloa and the incumbent Graciela DomínguezDomínguez Nava emphasized that teamwork will always be privileged in a harmonious way with the union sections for the benefit of teachers.

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