They will try a law so that the Paseo del Bajo bears the name of former President Raúl Alfonsín

The file, promoted by ucr legislator Ariel Álvarez Palma, proposes that “the highway that connects the Dr. Ricardo Balbín Highway with the President Dr. Arturo Umberto Illia Highway be called President Dr. Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín.” It also promotes the repeal of Law 1198, which dates back to 2003 and established that the highway planned to travel through the Bajo porteño has the name of “Brig. Gen. Juan Manuel de Rosas”. According to Buenos Aires regulations, the designation of streets or public places with the names of people cannot be approved before ten years have elapsed since the death of the figure to be honored. Strictly speaking, the proposal already has a first sanction of the Legislature, however, being considered a “double reading” norm, it demanded a parliamentary process that included a public hearing for the citizens to issue their opinion and that will end tomorrow with the final approval. ” He represents the image of the political leader close to the people, honest, decent and modest, statesman of great international recognition and an impeccable sensitive person, on whom there will be no stain that tarnishes his integrity, “said Álvarez Palma in the project.

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