Man in India sues his cows for not producing milk

India.- Believe it or not! In India, a peasant, dedicated to the production and marketing of cow’s milk, decided to sue his cows when he saw that they did not produce milk. Although it seems hard to believe, in the southern region of India a man proceeded to file a lawsuit against his cattle after his business went to the bankrupt bank for not having given him milk to be able to market it. For years the Indian peasant was recognized as one of the best producers of cow’s milk in the region where he lives, so he accused the “conspiracy organized by the cows”, of having broken his livelihood, believing that mammals had ceased to give him milk forever. Read more: What…grateful? He returns 2mdp and is given a reward shovel This unusual action quickly caught the attention of the local and international media, since never before had a person been seen trying to proceed legally against an animal. After, according to him, having refused to provide him with the dairy product, the angry farmer went to the local police to file a lawsuit against his cattle, which for years led him to earn the recognition of the community. Before the judicial authorities, the man from India stated that he had not changed the routine of the cows in the slightest, so he assured that he had the right to complain about the attitude that they had adopted by depriving him of milk production. Before the police elements, the milk producer emphasized that, because he had done his part but the animals did not do what they had to do, the police had to “convince” them to produce milk again. However, as expected, the local authorities reminded him that there are no complaints against animals, which is why they could not solve the problem of the refusal of cows to give milk. Read more: Stunning images of the rescue of a woman who fell into her car in Niagara FallsThe unusual story was told to the media by the authorities to which the man had resorted in the hope of exercising some legal action against his cattle or, at least, that they would convince the cows to produce milk again. Young man on TikTok criticizes that the inheritance of surnames only comes from men.

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