Relatives hoped that Carmen Salinas would wake up.

The ray of hope that Carmen Salinas’ family had vanished Monday night, after the actress died after staying since November 11 in intensive care after being found fainting in the bathroom of her home. While the prognosis around health was somewhat uncertain, Carmen Salinas’ family never lost hope that the first actress would wake up from the coma, or that even from what doctors pointed out was that “she would never wake up.” The most encouraging episodes around the health of the actress known for giving life to the character of “La corcholata”, occurred during the last three weeks as relatives indicated to the media that she showed favorable signs in her health. This was indicated by the nephew-in-law of the first actress, Gustavo Briones who, in an interview with Televisa, mentioned that the CT scans showed a decrease in the stroke she had suffered; “Not enough, but it was already seen that it has already gone down,” Briones said after two weeks of hospitalization. These reports increased the family’s hope that Carmen Salinas would overcome her condition and wake up from the coma, because after the decrease in bleeding, other encouraging signs began to emerge. At the time, Carmen Plasencia, granddaughter of the Televisa actress revealed that while her grandmother was still hospitalized, she showed signs of improvement as she had “begun to put off the ventilator.” He is stable, that is positive, his situation has not improved and a small news, a small improvement, is that he is already starting to leave the ventilator, “shared the granddaughter of the actress. This situation was received as a good sign, as it meant that Carmelita Salinas was breathing for herself, enough to be at times without using the mechanical ventilator. Just a few days ago, the world of entertainment had been excited and especially the family of the actress, after revealing a new advance in the recovery of Salinas, because, although they clarified that he was still in intensive care, the cerebral hemorrhage had disappeared. ” They did a CT scan on Friday and the good news is that he no longer has a stroke, hemorrhage, so it is the great news, but he is still delicate. And they take away his respirator, he’s breathing, but they put it back on for him to rest. Continue with her movements,” clarified María Eugenia Plascencia, daughter of Carmen Salinas.Read more: Who is Carmen Salinas, the first actress of film and television in MexicoIf well the ray of light was present maintaining the hope of which Carmen Salinas would awaken, the heartbreaking news arrived this Thursday, December 9, after her relatives confirmed the unfortunate death of the Mexican actress, leaving a great legacy for his years of career. Video the rare “giant ghost jellyfish”

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