“This is the level of Kast’s supporters”: Gabriel Boric in a tailspin against Gonzalo de la Carrera for new fake news from the elected deputy

The elected deputy of the Republican Party, Gonzalo de la Carrera, again published a fake news on his Twitter account. This time pointing to the presidential candidate of Apruebo Dignidad, Gabriel Boric.
On his social network, he posted a photo where Gabriel Boric is seen in Plaza Italia, in a selfie with violence and barricades behind him. However, the photo is not true.
The photo is indeed of the also deputy, but from 2016, when the Mapocho River overflowed due to heavy rains in the capital, flooding a series of streets in the commune of Providencia.
“There is candidate Boric planning how to reform @Carabdechile #KastOComunismo,” said the elected deputy. Hours later, he deleted the tweet without explanation.
But while it was published, candidate Boric replied: “This is the level of Kast’s supporters, and of himself as he demonstrated today. In this case an elected MP from his party uses a trick photo to try to install fake news.”

The original photo is from April 2016 when the sector where he lived was flooded as a result of rains and a rutura of pipes. Here is a note from that fechahttps://t.co/s0owuBKXxf pic.twitter.com/Qe5Ib5zovs
— Gabriel Boric Font (@gabrielboric) December 10, 2021

Original source in Spanish

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