Explosion in Tultepec, Edomex, leaves two dead and 15 injured

The explosion of powder magazine recorded on the afternoon of Saturday, December 11 in the municipality of Tultepec, State of Mexico, caused the death of 2 people, as well as second and third degree burns in 15 more. Through an information sheet, the government of the State of Mexico gave an account of the red balance and the injuries left by the second explosion of powder magazine so far this week in the aforementioned Mexican municipality. According to reports from local authorities, aid and care personnel arrived at the scene of the accident in order to give first aid to the victims of the explosion. However, it was announced that at least 2 people had died burned by the flames, while 15 more people were injured; two of them with severe burns. The paramedics were in charge of stabilizing the injured, to later be transferred to the High Specialty Hospital of the municipality of Zumpango, so that they could receive specialized medical attention for their serious injuries. The property where the explosion of powder magazine occurred is located on Guadalupe Street, corner with Santa Cruz, in the El Mirador neighborhood, where for a few hours emergency people remained working to ensure that there are no more victims of the accident. In addition, state authorities worked to rule out that the area presents more risks for the population. Explosion of powder magazine in Tultepec, Edomex, leaves three injured Just last December 6 of this year, an explosion of pyrotechnic material was registered inside a workshop in Tultepec, State of Mexico, which left 3 people injured. The incident was made aware of the authorities in the area after an emergency call to which agents of different relief and public security corporations of the two orders of government responded. Read more: Pyrotechnic explosion left at least six injured in Tultepec, EdomexThe report of the state Health Secretariat detailed that the three men who were injured, who were taken to the Regional Hospital of High Specialty of Zumpango, (HRAEZ), had first-degree burns on the back, face and arms, but that they were stable.

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