Gendarmerie dismissed official for escape of alleged femicide

Shock generated this day the murder of Teresita Ponce, 28 years old at the hands of her former partner, who would have kidnapped her in La Granja after escaping from Prison. The crime was exposed after a police chase in Copiapó, where the subject starred in a traffic accident and ended up taking his own life inside the car. The woman’s body was found in the trunk of the vehicle. However, there are still a number of unknowns, mainly how the aggressor managed to escape from the prison where he was serving a sentence for homicide. In this regard, the Gendarmerie delivered a statement, where they indicated that an official was dismissed. “As a result of what happened after the escape of inmate Sebastián Andrés Vásquez Araneda, which resulted in a tragic outcome, the Gendarmerie of Chile deeply regrets the facts associated with this situation,” they begin by indicating. To this, they added that “without prejudice to the internal administrative summary that will determine other possible responsibilities, it has decided to apply the immediate dismissal of an official, given the serious negligence involved in his action in the framework of the custody work he carried out, and that allowed the escape of this person deprived of liberty.” With this, they indicated that the subject had the benefit of departure since July of this year and “for his good conduct” he worked in the casino services of the staff of the unit.

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