They condemned the man who took the photos of diego Maradona’s lifeless body

Diego Molina, an employee of the funeral services house who worked with the body of Diego Armando Maradona, had a reprehensible attitude when a photo went viral next to the lifeless body of the football idol. However, the action was not only scrutinized in the networks, but also obtained a conviction by the justice, after Maradona’s sisters initiated a case against the employee. The ruling of the Criminal Court Contravencional and Misdemeanors number 14 of the City decided to condemn with the maximum penalty for the crime of “desecration of human corpse” and show intimate images to four days of arrest in suspense, during the next eight months must fix residence, 50 hours of community tasks and donate 10 thousand pesos to the Integra Civil Association Foundation that is of recovery of addicts. In turn, the costs of the trial must be paid in full by Molina. Claudio Fernández and his son Sebastián are the other two defendants, who have not yet received a sentence since they requested the nullity of the trial that was already rejected in the first instance, so that soon they will also be sentenced to the same penalty.

Matías Morla is the only plaintiff lawyer who represented Diego Maradona’s sisters in the case and who followed the case. “There is not enough sorrow for the aberration that these savages did but both I, and Diego’s sisters, are satisfied to have achieved that this fact does not end up unpunished. As I promised to the memory of my friend and his sisters we took this cause to the end and now we will be attentive to the fulfillment of the tasks and with the donation to the Foundation that helps children who have addiction problems, “he said.

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