Announced the winners of the literary contest “They were not counted”

The Ministry of Women, Gender Policies and Sexual Diversity of Buenos Aires presented the winning stories of the second edition of the literary contest “They were not counted”. The announcement took place at the Emilio Pettoruti Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, within the framework of the launch of the digital book “Nosotras en libertad”. 492 stories participated in the contest and the jury was composed of Claudia Piñeiro, Marta Dillon and Araceli Bellotta. The three winning stories in first place are awarded with $ 80,000, $ 50,000 for the second and $ 30,000 for the third for each of the categories. The book will include these 15 stories and will be illustrated by visual artists from the province. The call was organized into three categories: stories of women’s lives and diversities; autobiographical narratives and fictional stories on gender themes, located in the Buenos Aires territory. Each category had three winners and -in addition- six mentions were awarded that will also be included in the printed book.
In the Autobiography category, the first prize went to Gisela Console of Lomas de Zamora with the story “Fuego de noche”; the second was for María Mabel Levi of Malvinas Argentinas with the story “I don’t want to be a man, what I don’t want is to be a woman”; and the third was for Victoria Grinstein by Vicente López, with the story entitled “La gorda del curso”. There were two mentions, the first for Carla Lucía Francolini of Villa Martelli for her story “Invisible” and the second, for María Fernanda Martins de Morón for “The puzzle of a monster”. In the Life Stories category, the first prize was won by Gloria Evangelina Barberis from Mar del Plata with the story “A port begets Nancy Capitana”; the second, Silvia Beatriz Giglia de Temperley, Lomas de Zamora, with the story “Si llego a escribir”; and the third was for “Stories about battles. Battles on stories” by Florencia Aldana Gastaminza by Carmen de Patagones. The mentions went to María Inés Pazzaglia de Lanús for the story “Una más” and to Guadalupe Asunción Goncalvez de Berazategui with “La Seve”. In the Fiction category, the first prize was received by Silvia Beatriz Matarasso de Bernal for her story “Mala madre”; the second prize went to Florencia Di Paolo de La Plata for her story “Los mochos”; and the third for Alejandra Petrella de San Isidro for her story “Mami”. The mentions went to Ana Gloria Morales de Pilar for her story “Sortilegio de protección” and to Natalia Brandi de La Plata for her story “Bordes perfectos”. After the announcement, the digital book “Nosotras en libertad” was presented, which brings together the testimony of the life experience of women who were detained for political reasons in the Devoto prison after being released.

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