Boric agreed with Lagos’ analysis of Kast’s irruption: “When the positions are extreme (…) finally it ends up enhancing the other extreme”

“When a culture of intolerance is installed, where thinking differently from one appears as if it were something morally incorrect, it effectively generates a reaction exactly the opposite,” gabriel Boric said after being asked about the opinion of former President Ricardo Lagos on the factors that influenced the triumph in the first round of the standard-bearer of the Christian Social Front. Jose Antonio Kast. “Those who have campaigned for Kast are the radicalized positions of the extreme left. And the citizenry, what did he do in the last election? He voted for Kast. It is remarkable that these revolutionary and fundamental positions end up being a boomerang,” Lagos said. The presidential candidate of Apruebo Dignidad, agreed in this analysis, assuring that “when the positions are extreme in that way, finally the other extreme ends up being enhanced, which I believe that José Antonio Kast effectively represents today.” “Now, my path and the one we are going to take, is not that of violence, it is that of dialogue (…) to reach great agreements and even with those who think differently, because we have a parliament that is quite balanced. We have the duty to do so in order to deliver solutions to the people who are at home looking at us today,” he said in the morning of TVN.

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