Eugenia Laprovittola and Magalí Gil made the DNA to know if they are Maradona’s daughters

After an arduous journey in search of their identity, today morning Eugenia Laproviotta and Magalí Gil appeared in a laboratory in La Plata where Verónica Ojeda and Dieguito Fernando Maradona were to perform the DNA test that allows them to know if they are, or not daughters of Diego Maradona.Laprovittola was accompanied by her lawyers and her adoptive father and Magalí was with her mother. At the same time that the minor, and last son of the soccer idol, was accompanied by his mother, Diego’s former partner, who authorized the child to lend his genetic material to check with the plaintiffs. The analyzes lasted about two and a half hours, where the three underwent a swab and some expertise, and it will only remain to wait for the results that are estimated to take a little longer for the festive dates, and it is believed that the results will arrive by the beginning of March. Magalí was the first to suspect that she could be the idol’s daughter in 2019, when her biological mother told her without hesitation that she was the fruit of a relationship with the athlete. It was then that he initiated a lawsuit for filiation. At first Matías Morla had been collaborative and the idea was to agree between both parties a day and place to perform the DNA, but then the pandemic complicated everything, until November 25 of last year Diego died. Different was the case of Eugenia who learned of the possible paternity, after the death of Maradona and said about it: “My mother had a partner and in an encounter with Diego she became pregnant. When the couple found out, they started hitting him in the belly to get me lost. It was a context of a lot of violence and she decided to give me up for adoption.” Today both are one step closer to knowing, or not their identity and if positive the results would become universal heirs of Maradona along with Diego Junior, Dalma, Gianinna, Jana and Dieguito Fernando.

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