Miss World 2021 pageant postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak

Mexico. Due to the new outbreak of Covid-19, the Miss World 2021 pageant has been postponed until further notice, announced by the organization of the event through social networks. A few hours before the Miss World pageant in San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA, the organization announces that this event is postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 cases reported in some of the candidates taking part in the pageant. The organization at the moment does not release the exact figures of infections, but there is talk that there are seven candidates who are isolated by symptoms of coronavirus, and it is also said that there would be 17 positive cases. Entrepreneur Brock Pierce and the pageant’s CEO, Julia Morley, announce that they had implemented additional precautionary measures to strengthen the safety of everyone involved in the Miss World 2021 international pageant. “After meeting with infectologists and medical experts hired to oversee the Miss World 2021 event and discussing with the Puerto Rico Department of Health, the event organizers made the decision to postpone the global broadcast final at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, to be held within the next 90 days.” reads the official statement. Miss World would take place during the afternoon of this Thursday, December 16 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and experts recommended that the recommended quarantine time be met and once the authorities determine it, then the participants will be able to return to their countries of origin. Don Omar was going to be the guest artist at this great event that many people were looking forward to, as were the participants, but for the sake of the entire organization it had to be canceled. Read more: Carlos Marín, of the group II Divo, fights for his life after being induced to a comaVictor Manuelle, Pedro Capó, the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra directed by Ángel Vélez and the duo Gente de Zona would be other artists invited to the final of Miss World 2021. Ahome is projected internationally at the Tianguis Turístico 2021
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