The beauty of Lourdes Munguía in The Privilege of Loving

Lourdes Munguía of 61 years of age, has had a career full of successes, because we have seen her succeed in several telenovelas, one of them was in the Privilege of Loving in 1998 where many of her fans are surprised that she continues to look the same, because time has not passed in ella.SI you take a look at some of the scenes of the telenovela you can see how Lourdes Munguía looks the same, because a little more than twenty years after she threw herself into the air, she still retains her unique beauty with which she leaves everyone shocked, because far from her face changing she still looks impeccable. And although some think that the Mexican actress resorted to cosmetic surgery to look just as young, what few know is that for years, she has a discipline which consists of a lot of exercise, in addition to a good diet, among other personal care. ” Lourdes looks better than many of the young actresses”, “She has always seemed to me a beautiful and natural woman. It shows in her body and her skin”, “She can design her tastes is sovereign in her person and more in her health”, they write to the actress to see how spectacular she looks today. One of the best kept secrets of Lourdes Munguía to look radiant in all aspects is always to be active, because in front of cameras and away from her she is always active making it clear that this is one of the tips that have always kept her with a figure of ten, in addition to eating very well. Lourdes Munguía also dresses very well and it is something that her fans applaud her, because she does it in a very elegant way with dresses at the knee with spectacular shoulder pads, in addition to wearing sportswear with which she leaves more than one amazed because she looks very good and looks very stylish. Even she has said that to look good you have to have a posture at all times from the moment you stand, to how you feel, that’s why she always looks impeccable.  

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