Variant Ómicron: Minsal confirms 30 cases in Chile and The Economist places the country as the most prepared to face the new strain

During the balance made by the Ministry of Health on the pandemic in Chile, the head of the portfolio, Enrique Paris, confirmed the presence of 30 cases of the Ómicron variant of the coronavirus in our country.
“We thank the ISP to the university laboratories, which we are doing the positive cases related to the new variant Ómicron has allowed us to investigate, trace and isolate in a timely manner all these people who, unfortunately, have been infected with this variant. And thanks to that, we can confirm that we have 30 cases confirmed by the Institute of Public Health with this variant,” said the Minister of Health.
On the presence of a community case of Ómicron in our country -which was reported by the ISP- the highest health authority clarified that the last confirmed cases come from a group that arrived from the United States.
In the presence of the new strain of South African origin, minsal stressed that all measures and strategies to combat it have been reinforced. “We have been preparing to face this new variant, reinforcing all the measures we are taking in those cases detected. And, fundamentally, we have a broad, recognized and successful vaccination campaign,” said Enrique Paris.
The Economist places Chile as the most prepared to face Ómicron
The Economist released a report on how prepared countries are to face the new variant, which is found in more than 70 territories around the world. According to the newspaper, Chile occupies the number one in this ranking.
The Economist analyzed the population of 102 countries looking at the number of infected, as well as the percentage of people vaccinated with the full schedule (two doses) and with the booster dose. In this equation, Chile is the one that is best prepared, mainly because of the high percentage of people who have their third dose.
The results of this report were not left out during the balance of the Ministry of Health, to which the health minister replied: “this, obviously makes us proud and comes to reinforce that we are well prepared to face this strain and we have the security for all those people who are going to vote.”

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